Top Tips For Fantastic Summer Wedding Photos

Top Tips For Fantastic Summer Wedding Photos

The Advantages Of A Summer Wedding:

Summer is far and away the most popular time to get married, and for good reason. Longer days, warmer nights, plenty of sunshine and gorgeous sunsets make for a perfect day. Summer wedding photos can be absolutely magical, but they do require a special touch. A skilled photographer knows how to make the most of the natural lighting, but there are ways you can help him or her out.


Tips For Your Summer Wedding Photos

  • From a photography perspective it’s best to avoid a noontime wedding. Overhead sunlight makes for harsh-looking shadows and isn’t very flattering. Lighting is best in the morning and late afternoon/early evening. It will also be cooler and more comfortable, and the lighting will be beautiful and flattering.
  • Make sure your photographer scouts out the location ahead of time. Knowing the ins and outs of your venue will help your photographer find potential portrait spots. Perhaps under a tree or in front of an ornate doorway. Knowing where the best photo spots are will also save valuable time, something that is in short supply during your wedding day.
  • Having a seaside wedding? Schedule a photo session toward the end of the event so you can get some fun and romantic shots in the water. If you’re not keen on getting your wedding gown wet then consider bringing a different outfit.
  • Find out when the sun is setting. You don’t want to miss an opportunity for a gorgeous sunset shot, so work out when this is going to happen and plan accordingly.
  • Ask questions. How will your photographer handle tricky lighting situations? Will he or she be using any off-camera lighting or bringing diffusers or reflectors? These accessories can make a big difference in the way your photos turn out.
  • Make use of hot-weather props: fans, parasols, pinwheels and other summertime accessories can be used to create fun, breezy photos of you and your guests. Look for opportunities to utilise your surroundings as props as well. Lush foliage, natural lighting and fun settings such as swings, boats, hammocks or any body of water can create fantastically memorable shots.
  • Hot and humid weather means you run the risk of looking “droopy” during your photography session. Makeup is more likely to run, you may get sweaty and your hair may not behave. Appoint one of your more honest bridesmaids to pause the photo sessions if necessary to help you freshen up. Even better, schedule the bulk of your photos earlier in the day, while you’re still fresh and energized. Also consider “first look” photos. More on that below.




More Wedding Photo Ideas

Consider First-Look Photos

Unless you are bound by tradition and it’s therefore out of the question, setting up a quiet moment before the wedding for you and your partner can mean better portraits and a more relaxed wedding for both of you. The “first look” has been gaining in popularity in recent years, partly because it allows a few rare, quiet moments for the bride and groom to spend together before the hectic festivities begin. And partly because it makes for great photos!

Ban The Phones

A controversial one, I know, but many of your friends and family will be eager to get their own shots during the ceremony. The problem is that the phones (and the amateur photographers) end up in many of the official photos. It’s distracting and takes away from the moment. Consider having the DJ or officiant make a “no smart phone” announcement. Remind everyone that there is a professional photographer there taking photos. Which leads into the next tip:

Don’t Get Swept Away By Guest Photos

It happens all the time. It’s right after the ceremony and your photographer is motioning for you to follow them for some quick post-ceremony photos of the bride and groom. The problem is that your guests won’t stop snapping pictures of you two long enough to attend to your professional shots. Kindly but firmly let guests and family know that you can’t stand there indefinitely posing for their pictures. You paid a photographer who’s working to a time frame, and you need to go meet with them now.

Set Up A “Selfie” Station

Along the lines of the photo booth, a popular trend at many weddings, a selfie station utilises an attractive or funky backdrop, perhaps with a fun sign in a perfect (out of the way) spot for taking selfies. This is a fun little touch and designates a spot for camera-happy guests to congregate.

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