The Latest Camera Features, September 2014

The Latest Camera Features, September 2014

An old saying goes “the photographer is only as good as the equipment that he is using.” In the world of digital photography where it seems like a hot new camera model rolls off of the factory line and onto store shelves every few months, this has never been more true. Digital cameras offer a huge amount of additional features that give you complete control over nearly every aspect of the photos that you’re taking. It’s never been easier to have an image in your head and recreate it accurately in a photo. When you see some of the amazing new features that the newest cameras have to offer it’ll be hard to stop yourself from upgrading.

 One of the newest, most interesting advances in digital camera technology is undoubtedly the ‘detachable viewfinder’. As its name suggests, the viewfinder and lens detaches from the rest of the camera equipment, allowing you to get up close and personal with a subject much more easily. You can line up a shot in the viewfinder, snap a picture and allow all processing to be done on the main camera unit – all without lugging your camera equipment around and spending huge amounts of time recomposing shots in a new location.

 The detachable viewfinder may not necessarily come in handy during heavily constructed shots like the kind you would be creating during wedding photography, but it certainly is a huge benefit in nearly all other types of situations. The Casio Exlim EX-FR10 is an example of one such camera that uses this bold new feature and is capable of snapshots at a 14 megapixel resolution and video in full 1080p high definition resolution.

Other new features that are making waves on the newest digital cameras include social media connectivity. Social media is hardly a new concept in the world of digital photography – many cameras have come with the rudimentary capability to snap a photo, quickly review it and upload it directly to your Facebook page, for example. However, the new models rolling off the assembly lines include this feature with a bit of a twist.


Sony’s Cybershot RX100, for example, features a dedicated iOS app that you can download to your iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad tablet. Once you pair the digital camera with that app on your phone using either Bluetooth or rear field communication, you are unlocking a whole new level of sharing when it comes to the photos that you’re snapping.

Photos that you take on the camera can be quickly sent to the phone and the app with just a few quick taps of a button. Once on your phone, they can be updated to services like Imagur, Photobucket, Twitter, Pinterest and more in a matter of seconds. Sharing important shots with the world has absolutely never been easier.

Other additional features that are making their debut with the current wave of digital cameras include dramatically improved LCD screens. This scenario will no doubt be familiar to photography professionals everywhere: you’re shooting outdoors on a bright sunny day and have composed the absolute perfect shot. Or at least you think you have, because the sun is in exactly the wrong place and the screen resolution is far too low for you to be completely sure. You snap your photo, you walk indoors and see that the picture is hardly perfect. Even though it may have captured that moment in roughly the way you wanted it to, it still leaves a bit to be desired.

These types of fears are completely alleviated thanks to the LCD screens of the future. Many cameras have a 1.22 million dot or more LCD screen, allowing it to show every last bit of detail that you will see when you eventually review the photos on your computer, all while you’re still in the field taking those shots. These screens are also bright and can ward off everything short of direct sunlight. Your compositions will benefit tremendously from this type of advancement.

Another major development in digital camera photography has been the recent popularity of 4K. The 4K resolution is dramatically improved over even high definition shots. Essentially, 4K is taking a bold step in the direction of “it captures so much detail that the human eye can’t actually process it all.”

4K television sets are becoming increasingly popular and will be replacing 1080 high definition sets in homes across the country in the next few years. Unfortunately, there just isn’t enough content yet to make it all worthwhile. By upgrading to a new digital camera with 4K capability (or at least by purchasing a new lens that is capable of the same definition), you can solve that problem right now by getting out there and shooting some content yourself.

The current wave of digital cameras brings with it bold new features that are sure to impress even the most seasoned digital photography veterans. The only thing more exciting than this year’s new features are the hypothetical features that we could see in the future.


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