Get A Flawless Complexion On Your Wedding Day

Get A Flawless Complexion On Your Wedding Day

Every woman (quite rightly) wants to be the most beautiful person in the room on her wedding day. Whilst the dress is the most common topic of discussion at every wedding, smooth, radiant skin can top off the perfect look. A flawless complexion can be achieved through traditional make-up, airbrushing, clean eating, and a number of other methods that contribute to hydrated, blemish-free skin. So brides everywhere – rejoice, as you too can look picture-perfect on your wedding day by following these simple steps for a flawless complexion.

Clean Up Your Diet

One of the easiest ways to achieve healthy looking skin is by eating well, and cutting down on sugary, fatty foods. Maintaining a well-balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals, coupled with plenty of water, can help flush away toxins under the skin and promote healing. In the months leading up to your wedding, choose to eat healthier. Opt for low-glycaemic foods, plus green and red veggies, avocados, blueberries, and wild salmon, as they are great for your complexion. The famous Mayo Clinic in the USA also recommend drinking at least two litres of water per day.

Slather On The Sunblock

No woman wants to walk down the aisle with sunburn or noticeable tan lines. Protect your skin outdoors by wearing sun cream every day. Go for a high SPF of 30+ to protect against UVB, and make sure it has at least three stars of UVA protection too. Sun block does more than just protect against sunburn: it helps to slow down the skin’s natural aging process, and can protect against unsightly sun spots, wrinkles, and various skin conditions, including skin cancer.


Keep Skin Moisturised

Hydration is essential for a flawless complexion. Eliminate dry skin by applying a daily moisturizer, which helps skin stay soft and supple. Opt for a lightweight, fragrance-free organic moisturiser that is free of harsh chemicals that contribute to imperfections, such as adult acne. Choose a moisturiser designed for your skin tone, e.g. oily, normal, dry, or combination.

Get A Professional Facial

A couple of nights before your wedding, undergo a facial treatment at a trusted salon or spa in your area. Facials provide a deep cleanse of the skin, removing ingrained dirt, excess oils, and environmental toxins that cause the skin to appear tired and worn. A quality facial can also increase circulation to the skin layers, which boosts oxygen flow and gives the skin a natural, healthy glow. And don’t forget that facials can also be really soothing, providing much-needed stress relief when you need it most!

Wedding Facial

Begin With A Quality Concealer

When choosing your wedding day make-up you should splurge on a high-quality concealer. According to the ‘Wear Your Skin Proudly’ survey, 44% of women reported that their skin imperfections, such as stretch marks and scars, affected their self-confidence. For those minor imperfections that you can’t get rid of, simply camouflage them with concealer. Choose a light-formula, oil-free concealer designed for your skin tone and blend well to avoid harsh edges.

Fill In Noticeable Pores

While it’s usually not a good idea to clog your pores with product, filling your pores can be a temporarily solution for brides with large, noticeable pores. Use a clean, slightly damp sponge and press liquid foundation into your pores to minimize their appearance and improve the overall texture of your face. Be sure to thoroughly wash the make-up off at the end of the night to prevent a breakout.

Highlight To Brighten Those Dark Areas

Women with uneven skin tones can benefit from highlighting techniques that help to brighten up darker areas of the skin. Using a creamy, reflective concealer that is one to two shades lighter than your foundation, blend the product into the skin using freshly washed fingers. While every women’s complexion is different, as a general rule of thumb, add highlighter to the top of the cheekbones, to the sides of the forehead, and to the centre of the chin.

Concealer powder

Set Make-Up With Loose Powder

Traditional make-up can appear shiny if not properly set. Use a loose matte powder to set your make-up and eliminate any shiny or oily spots. If you want to keep your make-up from looking too cakey, avoid using powder all over the face and only target problem areas that are prone to oil build-up, such as your cheeks and forehead.

Hire A Pro To Airbrush

Airbrushing has quickly become one of the go-to techniques for wedding day make-up application. This method involves applying a fine layer of foundation using a small air compressor. Unlike traditional make-up which can appear thick on the skin, airbrushing provides an ultra-light foundation application that allows the skin to breath. Since airbrushing is essentially an art form, it’s best to hire a pro to complete the job.


We hope these complexion tips help make your big day even more wonderful – good luck!

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